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Three Questions for ALT-C 2010; PLNs, Mobiles & Adaptivity

This post begins by referring to a pre-conference workshop on Digital Literacies and Digital Capabilities and a Symposium on Digital Literacy being held at ALT-C 2010 this week, but then opens out to ask broader questions of what we might get from ALT-C overall this year, which I will then comment on September 12th.
The workshop will focus on the recent work produced variously through JISC which has been drawn from practical learning experiences, and is particularly based on Helen Beetham and Rhona Sharpe’s recent work for JISC on Digital Literacy pilots. I will add observations from the Commentary on Digital Literacies from the Technology-Enhanced Learning TLRP Programme on slideshare. You can look at and download materials for that workshop on the following Cloudworks pages: 4538 for Monday’s workshop and 4293 for the Digital Literacy Pilot materials.

This post will also try to provide some broader contextual issues and questions that I will be taking into ALT-C to guide my participation, and which I will reflect on next week after both listening to the latest developments in Digital Literacy within UK HE Institutions, and engaging with the broader range of concerns emerging from the rich and strange themes of the Conference. (more…)

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